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Don’t Believe the Spin: Obamacare IS a Major Issue for Voters by Grace-Marie Turner

The Left is trying to tell us that ObamaCare has receded as a campaign issue because voters are by and large satisfied with the law.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but the White House cannot allow the actual story to be told because it would undermine their narrative that ObamaCare is becoming more popular now that it is being implemented.

A wealth of polling results do destroy their narrative.  This election could in fact create a “Repeal Majority” in Congress of elected officials who have pledged in their campaigns to repeal and replace the law.

An in depth survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies (POS) for Independent Women’s Voice shows that ObamaCare is a deciding issue among those voters who are most passionate about voting.  And by two to one, they oppose the law, and most strongly oppose it.

In fact, the POS survey of swing districts showed that 58% of Americans say they, a family member, or friend already have been impacted by the law, and twice as many say the impact has been negative as positive.  The cost of health insurance and rising premium rates topped the list of negative responses, followed by poor coverage, loss of doctors, and limited access to hospitals and other providers.  On Friday, 30,000 residents of Indiana learned their health insurance policies are being cancelled and likely will be swept into policies with much higher premiums.

Majorities of respondents disapprove of the Affordable Care Act continued