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The Battle Rages On

On Saturday March 15, OFA held a Medicaid expansion rally at the Capitol at 11am. Our side showed up to counter the astroturf. Read more at the Fairfax Free Citizen.

Keep up Your Efforts!

Democrats are holding Disinformation Sessions across the state to drum up support for expansion. We need  to get people there to ask fact-filled questions to uncover their lies.


Del. Rob Krupicka and Senator Ebbin :

 Tuesday, March 18th 

Mount Vernon Community School Recreational Center
2701 Commonwealth Ave, Alexandria, VA 22305


Cree Deeds and David Toscano :

Wednesday March 19

6:30 pm – 8:30pm

Monticello High School


Del Sam Rasoul and Sen Edwards:

Wednesday March 19th





Please let us know when you hear of others by emailing us at
You can also get facts and talking points on Medicaid Expansion by visiting our website,

Quick Update

The Budget Conferees will be meeting this week briefly. However, they are not anticipating there will be much movement between the chambers. The following Monday (March 24) the session will reconvene. The Senate and the House will  repeat the budget process from last week. Essentially each chamber will revote on the budgets they presented at the end of session, they will then submit their passed budget to the other chamber where they will be rejected setting off another budget conference. Think of the movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray.

The House leadership does not anticipate there will be any progress on the budget this time around. However, counties are starting to adopt resolutions asking the legislature and the Gov. to take Medicaid expansion out of the budget process. The pressure is beginning to mount. There will likely be another scheduled special session in the two weeks following and at that point we are hoping there will be enough pressure from around the state to force the Gov. and dems to agree to separate expansion from the budget.

The Bull Elephant today voices concern about the commitment of the House in standing fast, however. We must keep up the pressure!

One Response to Fight the Disinformation Campaign!

  1. Ray Balderson

    March 24, 2014 at 10:36 am

    Stop Medicaid expansion.Va. can’t afford a
    Large scale increase of Medicaid enrolled.
    We should be very wary about the Federal
    Government promises to pay this expansion.
    Also Obamacare needs to go too. People can’t
    Afford it.Five mil. people have signed up for
    Ins. Five mil. Lost there ins. So what does that equal ,my math equals 0. So it has FAILED!!
    So please do the right thing here appeal it.