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Key Positions for the Virginia General Assembly

Key Positions for the Virginia General Assembly – Jan. 16, 2017
Virginians for Quality Healthcare (VQH) asks the General Assembly to protect our privacy and freedom of choice in healthcare as it considers bills in the 2017 General Assembly Session. We endorse measures that strengthen patient and physician autonomy, lower costs, and are fiscally prudent. We list legislation, submitted to date, which our members support or oppose in each of several important areas:
Reform Medicaid: Medicaid spending in Virginia has doubled over ten years. Today it accounts for nearly 25% of Virginia’s General Fund budget. Growth is unsustainable. We support
legislation that strengthens eligibility screening, to control unlawful enrollment.
SUPPORT HB 2092 and HB 2304 – improve eligibility screening (JLARC finding)
Don’t Expand Medicaid: Medicaid enrollment growth is the biggest driver in state spending and has been disastrous in other states. VQH contends that lower-income Virginians ought to have options other than the wasteful and dysfunctional Medicaid system.
OPPOSE HJ 707 and HJ 710 which would permit the governor to expand Medicaid unilaterally
Repeal Certificates of Public Need (COPN) Requirements: COPN requirements impede access to healthcare services and result in artificially higher costs for patients. They also give unfair preferences to some providers over others, and manipulate and distort the healthcare market. We believe COPN requirements ought to be eliminated altogether.
SUPPORT HB 2337, the most comprehensive COPN repeal bill introduced to date•
Promote Direct Primary Care: Direct primary care reduces costs by eliminating third-party payment and increases the quality of doctor-patient interactions and treatment. DPC arrangements offer Virginians more affordable alternatives to PPACA.
SUPPORT HB 2053 – codifies DPC arrangements, encourages wider adoption by physicians and patients
Other Bills:
SUPPORT HB 2103 removes Virginia’s participation in the PPACA federal health benefit exchange, 60 days after that exchange is disestablished by Congress.
SUPPORT HB 2233 Allows Virginians to purchase health insurance policies from other states
SUPPORT SB 1301, HB 1450, HB 1656 Create patient-centered reforms.
As new bills are presented, a second edition of our positions may be published