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March 4th Rally in King vs. Burwell at the Supreme Court



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Virginians for Quality Healthcare to participate in March 4 rally in favor of the petitioners in the King vs. Burwell Supreme Court case re: Obamacare

Virginians to gain significant benefits if the King petitioners win

CHANTILLY, VA, March 2, 2015 Virginians for Quality Healthcare (VQH) will participate in the March 4 rally on the Supreme Court steps, 9:00–noon, in favor of the petitioners in the King vs. Burwell Supreme Court case re: Obamacare, which will decide whether the IRS had the authority to write a rule allowing health insurance subsidies to flow through federally-facilitated exchanges.

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments beginning March 4 about this latest legal challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).  Petitioners contend that the law as written clearly restricts the subsidies to “an Exchange established by the State” and that administrative agencies like the IRS cannot alter legislation or spend taxpayer dollars without authorization by Congress. The government says that “established by the State” is at worst a drafting error and that Congress clearly wanted subsidies to be available in all of the states.

In January of 2012, Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economist who was a key influence helping Democrats create Obamacare, told an audience at Noblis, a technical management support organization, that tax credits—the subsidies available for health insurance—were only available in states that set up their own exchanges.

“It is very clear that the Obamacare subsidies were only meant to be available to people signing up for healthcare via the state exchanges,” said Susan Lider, a spokeswoman for VQH. “If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the petitioners, states like Virginia stand to gain significant benefits because many of Obamacare’s most harmful provisions could be blocked.”

If King wins in the Supreme Court case, Virginians and citizens of other states without a state health exchange can effectively block the law’s employer mandate and exempt millions of taxpayers from the individual mandate. Plus, Virginians would be able to purchase the low-cost “catastrophic plans” like they had before Obamacare. In addition, future federal deficits could be reduced by hundreds of billions of dollars.

Virginians for Quality Healthcare (VQH) is a grassroots network of Virginia voters dedicated to increasing the quality of, and access to, medical care by promoting realistic, workable, free-market healthcare solutions, and by opposing destructive healthcare policies and programs. The organization contends that patients and doctors make the best healthcare decisions and do not require the approval of government agencies. VQH tells the truth about Obamacare and other top-down, government-based programs that limit personal choice, threaten personal and religious liberty, sap human dignity, and put people’s health in the hands of bureaucrats. Our efforts are informed by the work of research and advocacy organizations, such as Physicians for Reform. VQH champions protecting the doctor-patient relationship, the freedom of providers to pursue the best treatment plans for individual patients, and the freedom of citizens to make their own healthcare choices.

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