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Message from a Virginia Doctor

        As a physician, I am terrified by the idea that Obamacare is just around the corner.  Very soon, those who voted for the politicians who passed this legislation will realize that Obamacare is an unaffordable disaster.  Uninformed people who foolishly expect to receive free healthcare from Obama to go along with their free Obamaphones will soon realize that they will be forced to buy insurance they don’t want or else be penalized.   Signing up will be disorganized and complicated, the clerical staff who are being hired to do this will have full access to all your personal health information, and privacy will be a thing of the past.  Services will be rationed and denied, getting appointments will become much harder,  patients will have little or no choice over their treatments, and lots of my fellow doctors plan to retire early.  
        Then, after a couple years of this chaos, our administration will  swoop in to “fix” the chaos by giving us fully socialized medicine.  Our president has already stated that is his ultimate goal.  Then the patients will have absolutely no choices about care except what some government clerk decides you should have.  Abortions and birth control will be freely available, but you might have to do your own appendectomy, heart surgery or hip replacement.  Why do you think people from other countries who have socialized medicine come to this country for health care?  Canadians who live in Oakville, an affluent suburb of Toronto who live in multimillion dollar homes have to wait nine months to get their pap smear, so many cross the border for care.  Further, Canadians can’t buy care outside of the government system, that’s illegal.  If this is such a good “affordable” idea, why has Congress exempted themselves and why are they subsidizing the fees for their staff?  Why do the IRS employees want to be exempted?  They will be managing Obamacare!!!
         Our best option at this point is for Congress to defund Obamacare.  Pay for everything else, keep the government open,  just not spend a penny for Obamacare.   This can be done.   If your readers care about quality healthcare, I suggest they immediately sign the petition at “” and call their legislators to insist that it be defunded.  And then I suggest they vote for Ken Cuccinelli for governor, who is working to get rid of Obamacare.  If this disastrous plan actually takes effect, Lord help us all.
Donna Hurlock, MD
Alexandria, VA