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OC Destroys Family’s HC

One NoVA Family’s Ongoing Debacle, um, Experience With Obamacare

The Principals in This Caper

We are a husband (“Peter”) and wife (“Katey”) self-employed in the same business.

Health Insurance Coverage 

Until July 2013, we had affordable insurance through United Health. Our Monthly Premium for a family of three was $560 per month, with co-pays at $35 and prescriptions at $25. For example, out-of-pocket expenses for a significant operation on Katey (surgery, anesthesia, hospital stay, the works) on New Year’s Eve in 2012 were approximately $3,500. The hospital offered a payment plan, if needed, of $1,000 down and $100 per month, interest free.

United Health Care Pull-Out From DC Market

During the summer of 2013, Peter began working for a company that offered insurance. We reached out to our Insurance Broker and learned that by the end of 2013 United Health Care, along with many other similar insurance companies that service self-employed, non-corporate clients, would be pulling out of the DC Metro area due to impractical restrictions imposed on them by “Obamacare” that made doing business in this market impossible….continued