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OC is About to Get Much Worse

Hold on to your hats folks, because the elections are over and the President now feels free to do what he wants without fear of reprisal. Over the past few years we’ve seen President Obama and his Democrat cronies contrive to contort and delay parts of the Obamacare law that they knew would hurt Americans. The first time was way back in 2012 when they delayed certain aspects of the law to limit the blowback for the 2012 National Elections. Then it happened again, not only with Obamacare, but also with immigration reform as the Democrats obfuscated and dragged their feet to get past the 2014 midterms. However, the very unpopular President Obama is now unshackled from his party and is officially a lame duck – which does offer him some semblance of freedom. Our narcissist President now has nothing to worry about in terms of his own standing (or future election). Now he can truly focus on himself and what he wants to do…

Which is why 2015 (and beyond) will finally reveal the true (and HORRIBLE) nature of Obamacare… continued