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Open Letter to Virginia Senators May 2018 Regarding Medicaid Expansion-Do Not Expand

  • May 2, 2018
    Dear Senator,
    Thank you for consistently opposing Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion in Virginia. The target expansion popu-
    lation deserves better choices than Medicaid. In fact, all Virginians deserve better. Please continue to oppose
    Medicaid Expansion, and instead promote Medicaid reform and alternatives to Obamacare.
    Able-bodied, childless adults with incomes below 138% of the Federal Poverty Level don’t want government
    handouts. They want to be able to choose an affordable health plan that meet their needs, not the one-size-fits-all
    government plan that delivers an exceptionally low value of care. In fact, most Americans want choice and afford-
    ability restored.
    First, to offer choice and affordability, the health insurance market must be unleashed. We are very pleased with
    the General Assembly’s passage of SB 844, SB 934, SB 935, and SB 964 that track changes introduced by
    President Trump through Executive Order. These initiatives begin to loosen the stifling regulations of Obamacare
    and have already spurred health plans to offer choices in the individual and small group markets. More can be
    done, but these are encouraging initial steps.
    Secondly, alternatives to Medicaid already exist for these able-bodied adults: health sharing arrangements, direct
    pay practices, direct primary care, and innovative healthcare models such as . Unlike the low-
    value of Medicaid dollars (only 20-40% of reimbursement is for actual care), these third-party free options deliver
    high-value care in a market-efficient system. Government’s role should be to promote alternatives such as these.
    Virginians enrolled in traditional Medicaid — and the taxpayers who fund Medicaid — deserve better than a
    bloated, inefficient, wasteful, unsustainable program. Reform is urgently needed; expansion is not.
    We strongly encourage you to hold the line against Medicaid Expansion in budget deliberations. Show compas-
    sion to constituents by not raising taxes, by lowering government spending, by returning to taxpayers any budget
    “savings” and by restoring health freedom to Virginians through free enterprise solutions and regulatory reforms.
    Nancy J. Piotter
    Executive Director
    Virginians for Quality Healthcare
    P.O. Box 223472
    Chantilly VA 20153
    ___________________________________________________________________________________ @VaQualHC