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Reform Medicaid
It is a Budget Buster!
Due to the imminent repeal of Obamacare, the federal government will not pay 90% of any state’s Medicaid costs. Virginia’s Medicaid program continues to grow at an unsustainable rate and remains the largest growth driver in Virginia’s budget. Medicaid spending in Va. has doubled in past 10 yrs.
End Waste and Fraud.
Last year, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) identifiedwaste/fraud of $21 to $38 million. This year, JLARC found at least $17 to $38 million. We need another
audit to arrive at a more precise number and to discover the exact causes of this waste and fraud.
Improve the Screening Process
JLARC found that there are “more than 200 entities that perform
[Medicaid] screenings in Virginia” and that consistent training is neither provided NOR REQUIRED for these entities.
Save Medicaid for the truly needy
“Expanding” Medicaid DOES NOT MEAN covering more ailments or increasing reimbursements to doctors, etc. It means giving it to more people. Medicaid was created for citizens without the financial means to pay for private insurance, i.e. “the poor.” “Expanding” it to include Virginians who earn up to 138% of the poverty level turns Medicaid into middle class welfare.
Share Responsibility for Medical Care
Some Medicaid covered services have patient copays of $1 to $3
while others are free. VHQ recommends a $10 copay be established for all services covered by Medicaid. This will reduce frivolous visits and cut state expenditures in a State facing a $1.2 billion revenue shortfall.
: Total population of Virginia 8.4 million
Number of Medicaid Enrollees in Virginia 1.4 million (16.7% of population)
Total Virginia State General Fund Revenues $18.4 billion (SFY16)
Total General Fund Medicaid Expenditures $4.4 billion (SFY16)
% of General Fund Budget Spent on Medicaid 24.0%
Cost per Medicaid Enrollee $3,143 per person (GF revenues)
Medicaid is NOT health care,  it is government health insurance , i.e. taxpayer dollars are used to pay for some citizens’ medical expenses. There is NO health care emergency in Virginia. People who cannot pay for insurance can get medical attention in hospital emergency rooms and community clinics. Medicaid is an expensive program that provides little incentive for doctors to participate and yields poor healthcare results for many of its enrollees. It is broken beyond repair; a market-based system is needed.