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    Key Health Freedom Policy Reforms for Virginians
    (October 2017)
    The costs of health insurance and health services have risen dramatically since 2009, and the root cause of these steep increases is the federal government, in collusion with the health insurance industry: in other words, the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or “Obamacare.”)
    The Affordable Care Act has effectively taken wages from the middle class and redistributed them to CEOs of the big insurance companies, the hospital lobby, and an expanded Medicaid population.
    The ACA Regulations dictate, for example, what kind of insurance everyone must buy, how much doctors will be reimbursed for their services, how many medical residencies are allowed annually, and force patients to relinquish their privacy. Such government controls lead to rationing of health care,  and empower Washington to make life and death decisions that rightfully belong to patients and their doctors. The ACA even includes provisions for “Death Panels.”
    Voters still have not awakened to the reality of how very harmful the government’s take-over of the health care sector has been, nor faced the dark reality of government-run health care continuing in the future.
    Federal spending on government health programs as they currently exist will drive the government into financial ruin.
    There are a number of key areas of health policy where conservative reforms would vastly improve the status quo for Virginians. Some of these reforms have been implemented in other states, and have proven successful in reducing costs.
    Repeal Virginia’s Certificate of Public Need (COPN) regulations. If Gov. McAuliffe sincerely wanted to bring health care services into Virginia’s underserved areas, he would have signaled support for COPN repeal legislation introduced in the General Assembly.
    “For nearly 40 years, Virginia’s COPN laws have stifled innovation, limited competition, unnecessarily raised costs, and limited access to quality healthcare”
    Foster market-based competition by repealing COPN laws, lowering health care costs and improving access to healthcare especially in underserved areas of Virginia
    Accelerate Direct Primary Care Agreements in Virginia. DPC is now legal in Virginia (passed by General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. McAuliffe in 2017.)
    Incentivize Virginia primary care physicians to adopt the DPC model.
    Inform Virginians of this option for lowering their costs of primary care and increasing the quality of care.
    Utilize other alternatives to unaffordable health insurance: besides direct primary care, healthsharing arrangements and cash-only/direct pay practices are legal alternatives to Obamacareand qualify as exemptions. Educate Virginians about these legal choices already available.
    “Virginia Legislature Poised to Take On COPN in 2017”
  • Enact Medicaid reforms that will save Virginia taxpayers’ money and reduce individual dependency. The Medicaid program is costly, inefficient, and fiscally unsustainable.
    Responsibility belongs to the states, not the federal government.
    Block Grants would give Virginia flexibility to design programs suitable to Virginians, and restore
    Constitutional rights to the state (10th Amendment.)
    Look to other states’ successful reforms, such as Maine’s work requirements and lifetime caps.
    Restore individual accountability and personal dignity.
    Utilize HHS waivers to reform health insurance regulations to fit Virginians (eliminate mandatory coverage of Essential Health Benefits, support Association Health Plans, restore catastrophic insurance.)
    Patient-centered health care means Virginians have affordable choices in health care and are empowered to make decisions that are best for them— not what Washington bureaucrats decide they can have. We must reverse the trend of ever-rising health insurance premiums that put health insurance out of reach for Virginians.
    Take advantage of every HHS waiver opportunity for Virginia.
    Create and promote lifetime, portable HSAs for all Virginians
    Consider vouchers for lower-income Virginians to establish and maintain HSAs
    Pressure Congress to lift limits on annual medical residencies so that Virginians in rural areas will have access to doctors. Current policy rations care, especially for the elderly.
    Don’t Expand Medicaid! Politicians who claim that “spending more federal money on Medicaid wilmean savings for the stateare lying.
    Look at evidence from expansion states, where enrollment was greatly underestimated and blew holes in states’ budgets. Those states are in dire financial straits now and will eventually need a bailout (i.e. subsidies from other taxpayers.)
    Another lie about federal largesse is revealed in the federal subsidies paid to insurance companies.
    These “cost-sharing reduction” payments were supposed to help companies absorb costs and keep
    premiums low for individuals, but despite billions of CSR dollars paid to insurance companies, indi-
    vidual’s premiums have exploded year after year. (Furthermore, the CSR payments are illegal, not
    having been authorized by Congress.)
    Brings jobs to Virginia. Economic growth is a central element of health care freedom for Virginians.