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Sen. Ted Cruz on Healthcare





If I am elected President, I will repeal Obamacare and propose commonsense reform that makes health care personal, portable, and affordable. Healthcare reform should be guided by three principles: it should expand competition in the marketplace, it should empower consumers and patients to make healthcare decisions in consultation with their doctors and it should disempower the government from getting in between doctors and their patients. No single issue has occupied more of my time in the United States Senate than fighting to repeal Obamacare.


In addition to reforming current care, we need to dramatically expand cures. America has always served as a beacon for innovation and opportunity for medical professionals, and patients alike. But too often today, scientists, doctors and patients are denied the opportunity to advance medical cures. If we welcome new medical treatments, we will set in motion a new era of medicine that seeks not simply to care for those afflicted with disease, but to free them from it.


For this reason, I am introducing legislation to reform the FDA and champion innovation. It’s past time to unleash a supply-side medical revolution, so that instead of simply caring for people with debilitating diseases, we cure them. We have an opportunity to unharness solutions that could be the difference between a lifetime of pain and suffering, even death, and a life full of promise and strength.


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