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Thank you Dave Brat

Thank you Dave Brat for being our go-to guy. Thank you for sticking to  your campaign promises! Thank you for coming forth in the 7th District and challenging an entrenched incumbent Congressman. Thank you for all of your studying to bone up on government budgeting, how the government and its policies affect everyone, every family and every business in America.


  You have been with all of us patriotic Americans and joined us in thinking more about our children, our grandchildren and their futures, rather than just about ourselves. You are like the mythological man that went around planting shade  trees  who he knew he would never sit under.


  You have stood up with us to protect the sanctity of life  and tried to preclude our young women from coming under the knife of a surgeon or the  body parts merchants from Planned Parenthood. Thank you David Brat.


Thank you Dave for standing up to the leadership of the Republican Party. We have heard them say that they are recruiting moderate Republicans to run for the Senate. We have heard them say that they can’t stand up to Barack Obama because they would be blamed for the shutdown of the government. You thought like us, why don’t they put the good of their country before their reelection prospects. They were so intimidated that they funded measures that had already been determined, by the court, to be illegal.  Much obliged!


  Thank you Dave for standing with us against  Ryancare or more legislatively known  as the American Health Care Act. (AHCA) Thank your voting to kill this flawed piece of legislation before it got out of the committee. Thank you for speaking out, meeting with coalitions that oppose this awful proposal and for making TV appearances to voice opposition. Thank you for coming out in the extreme cold on Wednesday to rally the troops against Obamacare and for true repeal, plus a more reasonable replacement.  Thank you for working behind the scene to persuade and inform others in Congress. Thank you Dave for standing with us and we hope, that if we can be of service, that  you will call upon us to help you stop this disastrous  continuation of Obamacare. We thank you so much Dave!