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Thousands Say “No” to Obama’s Redistribution Mandate

As a self-employed business woman, I had health insurance coverage since I graduated from college, until last year. Why? My monthly premium went from about $300/month to $800/month under the Obamacare exchange website. I qualified for a $300 credit, which reduced my monthly premium to $500, a $200 increase over what I had been paying, yet I had fewer choices in doctors and hospitals.

In addition, and this is the kicker, my annual deductible went from $500 to $4,000. So, before the insurance company would pay a dime (Mr. Obama likes to use that term), I would have had to pay $500/month and a $4,000 deductible. Unless I need major surgery or have a life-threatening disease, my costs won’t run anywhere near $10,000 (cost for premiums and deductible).

Like many others, I decided not to be insured….continued