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Virginians for Quality Health Care Opposes American Health Care Act (AHCA)
Virginians for Quality Healthcare Opposes the American Health Care Act (AHCA)
Virginians for Quality Healthcare (VQH) has long objected to government intrusion into healthcare. “Obamacare” represents the near epitome of government meddling, second only to a single-payer healthcare system. Americans were heartened by election campaign promises to repeal and replace Obamacare “on day one” of the Trump presidency. Donald Trump promised that the new plan would be “greater than ever before.”
That fervor was doused by the roll-out of the House repeal and replace bill, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), 46 days into President Trump’s term. The AHCA has been characterized as Obamacare-lite, and many critics are offended not only by the content of the bill, but by the secrecy imposed during its drafting, as well as the arrogant claim that supporting the bill “is a binary choice.” This is not the way
to achieve consensus, much less do what is right for healthcare freedom.
VQH contends that political expediency is driving this bill, rather than sound, principled healthcare reform. In the words of health policy expert and innovator Twila Brase: “The only thing the American people actually asked for in the last three elections is a repeal. This bill [AHCA] is not written for the American people; it’s written for health insurers…Nothing about the bill is going to speak to the hearts
and minds of the American people hurting from impossibly high premiums and dangerously narrow [provider] networks.”
VQH opposes the AHCA for three primary reasons. First and foremost, it does not repeal Obamacare; the bill’s language alone demonstrates this fact. The phrase “is amended” appears at least 69 times throughout the document, starting on page 1. The phrase “is repealed” appears only once, on page 47, and treats a very narrow section (1402) of the PPACA, starting in 2020. This Congress and Administration were elected to repeal Obamacare, not amend it.
Secondly, the AHCA does not unleash the free market nor give individuals real choice. Instead it entrenches government control of insurance markets, making health insurance and therefore access to healthcare even LESS affordable than ever, offering NO CHOICE to Americans. It has been well-proven that government subsidies in any sector only drive costs up and ultimately benefit a third party (health insurers in this case), not the individual receiving the subsidy

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