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VQH Action Alert-Appeal for Action

– – ACTION ALERT – – –
What happened to the promise to repeal?
Contact your legislators about the AHCA today!
     Virginians for Quality Healthcare (VQH) has long objected to government intrusion into healthcare.  “Obamacare” (the PPACA) represents the near epitome of government meddling, second only to a single-payer healthcare system. 
Americans were heartened by election campaign promises to repeal and replace Obamacare “on day one” of the Trump presidency.  Donald Trump promised that the new plan would be “greater than ever before.”That fervor was doused by the rollout of the House repeal and replace bill, the American Health Care Act (ACHA), 46 days into President Trump’s term.“American families are feeling betrayed that their elected representatives have been less than truthful in pursuing real repeal, and aren’t working together to solve this huge problem which the federal government itself created.”

Our clear vision for action on the part of our nation’s leadership is:

– A simple and straightforward bill to repeal the PPACA.
– A law that minimizes Federal government control of the American healthcare system.
– A plan that addresses the original problem: healthcare costs that are too high (and increasing unreasonably) and a system that is overly cumbersome (driven by paperwork, special interests and liability avoidance) rather than focusing on patient-centered care.
– A true free market approach to meeting the diverse healthcare needs of the American people.

Our bottom line is:  We cannot put a rational and fair strategy into place until after we have agreed to remove the problem (Obamacare) without any ifs, ands or buts.

That is absolutely NOT too much to ask of our elected officials!

Please visit our friends at FreedomWorks to
or stop by their homepage at
for more information.

Then continue to pressure Congress for a clean REPEAL – not another complex monstrosity that will bury us in regulations rather than solving the problem.

VQH has prepared a position paper on this topic and will be releasing it in the very near future.  Please be on the lookout for it!  Thank you for your interest in quality healthcare for all Americans.

Virginians for Quality Healthcare, an all-volunteer organization, now has the ability to accept donations. This will enable us to expand our advocacy and outreach to advance the cause of healthcare freedom for the benefit of all Virginians. Also, we welcome new members for our action team. You can join the effort in your area by sending an email to

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