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VQH Joins Call for End to Illegal Exemption of Congress from Obamacare


On June 17th, Virginians for Quality Healthcare joined Tea Party Patriots, Heritage Action, Judicial Watch and other freedom-oriented organizations in a rally at Capitol Hill to protest the Congressional exemption to Obamacare. Rallies were also held at local Congressional offices nationwide.

VQH was among the groups featured in a Daily Signal article on the effort to support Senate bill 16 sponsored by Sen. Vitter, and House Resolution 1953 sponsored by Rep. DiSantis.  These bills would force Congressional staffers and members of Congress to live under the Obamacare law they passed and stop taking special exemptions.

In a brazen and cowardly attempt to avoid the pain of PPACA that their fellow citizens must face, Congress has exempted itself, its aides and staffers from ObamaCare by calling itself a small business operating in Washington, DC – which is clearly not true. This was accomplished through a deal with the Obama administration via OPM.

We need to tell Washington:

  • Congress should live by the same laws We the People must live by.
  • The laws passed by Congress and President Obama must apply to EVERYONE … not everyone EXCEPT for Congress.
  • Hypocrites in Congress make other Americans live with ObamaCare. Congress is not a separate country subject to separate laws.

VQH asks all Virginians to continue to call our Representatives and Senators and tell them to support and co-sponsor S.16 and H.R.1953. Also, please email us at and let us know the response from your representatives.

You can find all the information you need here.