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Your Obamacare Escape Route

Your Obamacare Escape Route

It’s enrollment time for shoppers looking for health insurance plans on the Obamacare exchange. Sticker shock is what shoppers are encountering, as premiums for 2018 have again increased dramatically, in spite of billions in subsidies doled out to insurers—subsidies that were supposedly intended to keep premiums low. Add to this the fact that many areas of the country have only one insurer participating in the exchange. So much for choice and competition.

Don’t be a victim of the insurer-government cartel that has taken over your health! Try Group Sharing instead. There are several plans available; Medishare and Liberty Health are two examples whose ads you’ve probably heard. Health Excellence Plus (HEP) is another sharing arrangement, but without limitations of the aforementioned pair. All of these alternatives to costly health insurance are legal options, fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

… consider Sharing as a way to satisfy the mandate. They operate like insurance in that families pay a monthly fee and funds are withdrawn from a pool for expensive health episodes. Sharing is exempt from the insurance mandate, so google “Liberty Healthshare” or “Medishare” to learn more—as just two examples of these options. They cost a lot less than insurance, but do have limitations about which you should research before making a decision.

Most sharing plans stem from religion, so if you don’t want one with that association, tryHealth Excellence Plus, which is non-religious. It also comes with a Health Savings Account which a lot of folks want. Just search the phrase to learn more.[1]

HEP already has over 300,000 members across all 50 states. Members can save at least half the cost of conventional insurance. Additionally, enrollment is open throughout the year, not just a six-week Obamacare window that closes 15 December.

The growing list of ways to escape Obamacare includes The Wedge of Health Freedom (third-party free practices), Direct Primary Care, Self-Pay, and Health Sharing. Our leadership team has explored HEP and believes this is a strong alternative to expensive health plans.

Feel free to contact to learn more about these options.

[1] Charles Frohman, “How To Navigate The Open Enrollment Chaos to Find a Good Healthcare Plan” 13Nov2017

We are excited about HEP’s incentive feature, whereby VQH will receive $100 for every new sign-up referred from VQH publicity. Call HEP at (855) 290-4447 to sign up and be sure to mention “VQH” as the code so that we get credit.